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telecom digital communication concepts - gis telecom services

Here is a list of questions that are frequently asked regarding our company and the products and services we provide.

What is a GIS Service Bureau?

A GIS Service Bureau is a service that delivers high-end GIS applications to users over the Internet.  All software and server hardware is stored at a central data center where maintenance, backups and IT functions are performed.  The user accesses data via a secure internet connection and has the ability to modify and view the data as if the data and software resided locally.  The benefits of a GIS Service Bureau include lower software and support costs, lower hardware costs, and access to the data anywhere there is an Internet connection.

What are the benefits of utilizing GPS?

GPS provides an accurate means of creating a GIS dataset.  TAS utilizes sub-meter GPS and laser equipment to collect lattitude and longitude coordinates as well as attribute information that can be collected while in the field.  Together, all this information can be used for a variety of things including database creation, field verification, and analysis.

What are the benefits of outsourcing technical resources?

Outsourcing is a way of addressing your peak labor requirements without the need to hire permanent employees. It allows your company to complete specific projects in a shorter time frame and provides a quicker return on your investment.