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Introducing Broadband Express!

What is Broadband Express?

Broadband Express fiber design tools are a perfect way to make your planning and design team more productive.  Whether you need a high level plan for budgeting or a detailed design and material list completed quickly,  Broadband Express can help you reach your goals by providing the tools you need to complete the job while minimizing the need for extensive drawing and manual calculations.



Just as communications evolved from the Pony Express to today’s broadband networks, so have the tools engineers, designers, and planners use to design them.  Plan, design, and analyze your fiber optic network with Broadband Express Fiber Design Tools from Telecom America Services, Inc.    

Not only can Broadband Express save you time, it can also give you the ability to make wiser decisions.  Decisions that your company will live with for decades to come.  Broadband Express is an easy-to-use, web-based application that will raise your expectations when it comes to planning and designing your fiber networks.       


“We are committed to saving our members

 money while offering them the latest services…

    With the help of TAS and the tools

 they have developed, we were able to see

 what effects numerous design alternatives

 would have on a project’s cost before committing.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Alan Link, Plant Manager

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Hill Country Telephone Cooperative

How can Broadband Express help you?

  • Makes Planning and Budgeting Projects easier!

  • Streamlines the design and drafting process!

  • Takes advantage of existing GIS or CAD system data!

  • Works for greenfield and brownfield Designs!

  • Supports all network topologies!

  • Helps you quickly create, compare, and analyze multiple design options!

  • Creates and tabulates staking sheets quickly and easily!

Maximize your Productivity through Automation!

Automated fiber facility placement –

Drafting is a breeze with the automation tools to draw fiber features, thus reducing the time spent creating design prints.

Design criteria driven facility calculations –

Calculates cable sizes, terminal sizes, terminal tail lengths and drop lengths based upon user defined design criteria, improving design accuracy, boosting efficiency and saving time.

User-defined material and labor costs

Material and labor costs, including construction and splicing labor, are based upon actual material and labor units, not just across-the-board “per route mile” calculations.

Staking sheet creation and tabulation –

Creating staking sheets couldn’t be easier with tools to assist the engineer in getting the project out to construction quickly.

Detailed reporting –

Broadband Express provides reports that compile information from the design and allow for easy analysis and job costing.