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telecom digital communication concepts - gis telecom services

When it comes to populating your GIS database, whether your source documents are electronic or paper records, TAS has the experienced staff to convert those records to your GIS format while maintaining the highest level of quality. Don’t make the mistake of letting someone translate your valuable records that does not understand telecommunications. Our seasoned staff of telephony/GIS experts take the hassle out of your conversion and migration efforts.  Our GIS professionals have experience in traditional OSP as well as RUS conversions. We utilize automated conversion processes to migrate existing electronic data, digitizing and scanning to convert paper records, and GPS data collection to assist in data validation and mapping.  TAS can also help your organization revitalize poorly maintained GIS records, adding value to your current GIS dataset and can assist you in with your in-house GIS projects by providing consulting, support, and programming services that will help keep your project on track.