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GIS Service Bureau

Some Benefits of the TAS GIS Service Bureau Model: 

Lower Software Costs. Software cost is reduced through eliminating the need to purchase server related software. Oracle, SpatialBASE and Spatial iNET reside and are managed at TAS and the associated costs can be spread over multiple companies. Client software can be purchased at a lower cost, leveraged by multiple companies purchasing a larger number of seats. In addition, software can be leased directly from TAS on a short or long-term basis.

Lower Support and Maintenance Costs. Support and maintenance charges can be expensive. All annual support and maintenance on server related software is maintained by TAS. This cuts thousands off the yearly cost of maintaining your GIS.

Lower Hardware Costs. There is no need to purchase and maintain expensive servers and client stations. TAS maintains all server hardware, offering your company the performance to meet today’s needs and the scalability to satisfy future requirements. Client hardware requirements are reduced dramatically, relying on the speed of the connection to the Internet rather than the speed of the processor, which means fewer upgrades of client workstations.

Reduced Manpower Requirements. Oracle database and network administration requirements are eliminated, allowing your personnel to concentrate on design and maintenance of the outside plant network. Expanded opportunities to outsource records maintenance and network design functions gives companies the flexibility to concentrate on core competencies, maximizing resources.
Remote and Mobile Data Access. Records can be accessed remotely, including real-time access via wireless connections to the Internet. This means you can have access to “live” data when and where you need it. No need to plot and copy hundreds of maps to distribute to the field. Provide real-time access to vital information in the field, at remote locations or from home.

Enhanced Software Support. Rapid resolution of support matters saves time and money, allowing your personnel to concentrate on important issues. TAS can enable CADTEL/dba Sapience360 support personnel to “shadow”, or see what is on your screen as you work to help make support a painless process. No more guessing what the problem is. Resolve issues fast.

Controlled Conversion Techniques. During conversion efforts, know the status of your project. Perform data quality audits as the project is in progress. Resolve issues before they become big problems that take a lot of time to fix. 

Enhanced Outsourced Network Design Support. Network design work can be performed directly on your permanent records, eliminating the need to transfer or redraw work orders in your GIS. The design work can be reviewed and printed from anywhere without the need to send hard copies or e-mail files back and forth.

Enhanced Security. TAS has taken many steps to insure that your data is kept secure. From firewalls, segregation, monitoring, and user authentication/access control to redundant hardware configurations, TAS will do what it takes to keep your data secure. Total system backups are performed nightly and off-sight copies are maintained as well. 

Site Configuration: 

Cost Effective Training. Training is important to any successful GIS implementation. Because of this, TAS, in cooperation with CADTEL Systems, Inc./dba Sapience360 will offer a wide variety of training opportunities. Training can be held in Phoenix, AZ, at your company’s location, or TAS can organize local training classes that reduce the cost of training by spreading the cost over multiple companies.